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Set Lists

What is it?
Set Lists is an easy way to create, organise and print your bands' set list in a central place.

Set lists allows you to drag and drop tracks into position and the order in which you select new tracks is kept so you can "cherry pick" from the list. To help select tracks extra info is shown like the key, BPM, how many times a track has been used and how long ago it was last used.


  • Drag and drop tracks with auto-save
  • Printer friendly format (user controlled font size etc)
  • Total run time for the list and each set
  • Add your own custom fields
  • Multiple versions
  • Track history

Some Notes:

First you need to add your tracks, see the Tracks link on the left.
Once you've got some tracks you can create a setlist.
You can print a list directly from the edit setlist page, it will only print your list, not the full web page, but if you want to change the font or size etc and include your own custom fields, use the Print Set Lists link on the left.